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We are the pioneers of off airport parking having started the industry back in 1978 through until 2000 when we retired from the industry to other interests. The operation is still one of the largest car parks today,  servicing Victoria and southern NSW at Melbourne Airport today.

John Fairweather\'s businesses have sponsored many sports bodies through out Victoria for some 20 years including football, cricket, basketball, soccer and tennis, along with harness racing and the Bendigo Jockey Cup for some years.

In my absence from the airport parking industry I have seen many changes and strange things happen. Things that some operators should be ashamed of, giving no consideration to clients nor their vehicles.

We have now returned to the industry to give some old fashioned service at the old prices.

I give my personal guarantee that your vehicle will never leave our property to be parked or driven on public roads. Your vehicle never to be driven on public roads for 10 metres or 5 kilometres ever!

Your vehicle  is readily available 24 hours of any day without delay for pick up.

Our service welcomes you anytime.